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The ChatterBox is a programmable traffic generator for UMTS, GSM and CDMA networks. This system is designed to run traffic scenarios 24 x 7 without operator intervention.

GSM Systems

The GSM Systems are available in a Pico, Suitcase and Multiple NodeB configuration. They fully support everyday functions expected from a cellular network in addition to providing secure communications capabilities.

UMTS Systems

The UMTS Systems are available in a Pico, Suitcase and Multi-NodeB configuration.They fully support everyday functions expected from a cellular network in addition to providing secure communications capabilities.

LTE Systems

The LTE Systems can provide high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. LTE can be networked together with other cellular systems to provide the speed you desire.

TLC Solutions is a small, woman owned business that has been providing communications solutions since 2003. Originally formed as a consulting firm, TLC offered exceptional assistance in the communications arena, which included wireline, cellular and satellite technologies. But within months of opening its doors, many of TLC's customers requested that it expand its services. There was a serious need for integrators who truly understood wireless technology. There was an even greater need for equipment that was designed with the end user in mind, bringing accessibility to operators of all skill levels. TLC broadened its vision to encompass not just consulting, but integrated solutions and services as well. The company began developing a line of reliable, easy to use equipment which is now known as “User First Technology”.

Since its inception TLC has had a number of notable successes. It was the first to provide non-blocking secure call capability for small base stations and first to make DoD specified MLPP available in a GSM network. TLC's latest product “The ChatterBox” is also breaking new ground. The ChatterBox is the first portable traffic generator to offer an intuitive user interface, SIM switching, voice and text generation, base station camping and remote administration. The ChatterBox is another product that defines User First Technology.

TLC’s clients include multiple customers from the US Army, SPAWAR, USMC, USAF, Computer Science Corporation, Booze Allen Hamilton, Raytheon, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to name a few. They have come to rely on TLC’s customized solutions and unbeatable service, with staff available to assist them twenty-four hours a day. Even more importantly, TLC provides them with equipment they can actually use. Their trust in TLC is demonstrated through the fact that 85% of its business comes from previous clients and customer referrals.

TLC's dedicated staff includes RF Engineers, Switching Engineers, Master Fabricators, and Contracting Specialists. The diversity of its staff allows TLC to offer a range of telecommunications services that includes consulting, integration, engineering and technical support.

Located in St. Augustine, Florida,TLC's operations center features RF testing and integration labs and an in-house fabrication shop. Virtually all day to day operations take place here, from administration to research and development.

TLC Solutions' innovative approach has made it the premier provider of easy to operate, reliable wireless equipment and excellent customer service. TLC has become a driving force in the evolution of technology by following one simple principle: listen to what the client needs, and then provide it. "User First Technology". It’s more than a motto; it’s TLC's mission.