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With a diverse staff of RF engineers, switching engineers and fabricators TLC can handle any System Level Integration.

TLC provides custom software and hardware development for end users with special needs in the telecommunications arena.

TLC's IPGSM network is a complete GSM network that uses all IP connectivity and is ready to use upon delivery to the customer's site.

Latest News

12 June 2014 - TLC Solutions Inc. along with its partners PMN and Ip.Access won the Social Impact - Promoting Small Cells for Social/Economic/Environmental Development Award. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November 2013, killing more than 6,000 people and wreaking widespread devastation, a small cell system designed and developed by TLC Solutions (TLC) with components from ip.access and Private Mobile Networks (PMN) restored vital communications in some of the worst affected areas of the country in the early aftermath of the disaster, which helped humanitarian aid workers to save lives and support survivors.

The small cell system is part of a Pre‐Positioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit (PEAK) that government agencies and non‐governmental organizations deploy in humanitarian aid and disaster relief situations.

The PEAK system comprises self‐contained units, or kits, that are stored near areas prone to suffer from natural disasters including hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons or floods. Within the 72 hours after such a catastrophe occurs, the kits are dispatched via helicopter or loaded on to planes and parachuted into the disaster zone in order to restore essential services, providing potable water from local sources; reliable power from renewable sources; local, situational awareness of time‐sensitive events to share with decision makers; as well as voice and data communications. Click here to view the complete Award Documentation.